Help with prettyPhoto in Magento (jquery-noconflict.js issue)
  • Hi everyone... I'd greatly appreciate some help with this...

    I'm trying to implement prettyPhoto in Magento. I’m using a custom theme (Ultimo) that uses jQuery for megamanus, sliders and so on.

    The theme makes a call to jquery-noconflict.js so as not to conflict with Magento's Prototype library. If I use this call, prettyPhoto stops working.

    I have three pages set up for you to see the issue live:
    This is the default demo / test page of prettyPhoto installed on my server. Everything works neat. Just to show you that the libraries are installed and the calls are being made properly.
    This page is the default test page adding all the calls Magento does for all CSS and JS – all of them but the call the jquery-noconflict.js (I removed that one). Everything works well here too.
    This last page is the same as the second but including the call to jquery-noconflict.js. PrettyPhoto stops working. And that is the problem, as I can not do without the call to no conflict.

    I’m not a programmer but can track code and make small adjustments if someone is willing to shed some light on this.

    Thank you very much!!!

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