Remove the tweet and facebook like - buttons
  • Hi,

    this gallery is realy nice! The following problems should i fix

    1. How can i remove the tweet and facebookbuttons in the fullsize picture

    2. At my gallery the buttons and the font under the fullsizepicture have the same color like the background (white). Who can tell me where i can change the fontcolor because the css is so long

    3. How i can deactivate the autoswitch of image?

    Greetings from Germany
  • Answer of the 1st question:
    I use this - delete in:
    option markup: {pp_social} \
    Other recommendation (not sure if this works) - make the:
    option social_tools: '<* class="pp_social"></*>' (change the * with div, sorry if I write "div" is always intrepreted as a command :))

    Depend on how you will implement it. You can modified in the PrettyPhoto.js
    or in the customize script:

    markup: ...
    {pp_social} \
    social_tools: ...

    I hope this answer your question.
    2nd question, I am not sure, usually this is not happened. All became white?
    3rd question, autoswitch of image? Do you mean slideshow? May be because you cannot see the button by accident you push the slideshow button?
    Try change the theme to dark_rounded / dark_square / facebook
    Do you have a site that I can look?
    After try simulating your problem, it is possible you did not copy the image folder properly?
  • Thanks i will try it but my first problem is that when i click a image this will open in a seperate tab and not as prettyPhoto.... The page is

    I can also give a ftp-account if needed
  • The problem is in your script tag you've got


    should be

  • Hi Nialma,
    BruceBruce is right, try his recommendation first and we see what happened.
  • I removed the social tools in the js file and it seems to be fine.

    Everything seems to work fine except the Opera browser 11 has some conflicts with mootools and refuses to work. Oh well.


  • To remove the social tools, simply turn the social_tools setting to false. Like so
  • Ok.. but what if, as example, I have two different galleries in the same page, I need one of them to display the facebook and twitter buttons, but not the other one... How do I do it ?
  • Wrap the first gallery in a div, then initialize prettyPhoto this way:

    $(".your_div_class a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({social_tools:false});
  • thanks scaron I tried it... but still doesn't work.... weird... any idea ? I already verified the name of the Div, etc etc... but nothing yet...
  • Another thing that happens is that whenever I click on the Sizes Chart, then it adds automathically some chars in the URL, which I don't want... because then I send vars using the GET option and those chars get mixed and make a mess...

    How do I prevent it from adding extra chars in the URL ? Thanks in advance...
  • i tryed it again but something goes wrong because the pictures are not open correctly...

    When i want to open a picture i get the url!prettyPhoto[gal2]/3/ and the picture does not open

    I've uploaded the website as for download on

    Of cause someone will be help and take a look at this and make correction so that the gallery are working...
  • Hi Scaron,

    where do I find this function in the script

    I have looked for it to turn it off, but can't find it.
  • Hi cedaroak,
    On another post, you can set the deeplinking, it should be similar to that.
    But if you still need help, put your website in this forum so that someone can take a look at.
  • O.k...the Gallery is running but my layout will be breake and i didn't find the misstake...

    Could someone help me?

  • I am trying to remove the twitter and facebook overlays with the iframe loader. The problem is, the custom script i put in does not work. I keep reading about "passing parameters" but I can't do it because the custom script on the documentation page does not initialize pretty photo for me. In fact, to get prettyPhoto to work, I had to download the example and strip it down to what I wanted. I am new to this, and I feel like there is something really obvious that i am missing. Could someone help me out?

    Here is the link. When you click the image on here, it should initiate an iframe to another html file.

    Thanks in advance,

  • scaron is on the right track. You put the "social_tools:false" in the same line you control which theme you want and if you want the autoplay slideshow, and other options. See below:


    $(".gallery:first a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'normal',theme:'light_square',slideshow:3000, autoplay_slideshow: true, social_tools:false});
    $(".gallery:gt(0) a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'fast',slideshow:10000, hideflash: true});
    ... etc. etc.

    Say no thank you to social tools right after the autoplay_slideshow.

  • $(document).ready(function(){
  • I found this and deleted it. Wish I knew how to comment it, so I wouldn't have had to delete it.

    << div class="pp_social" >> {pp_social} <</div>>

    It may not be the best way to do, but couldn't find social_tools (Had to type <<>>, otherwise they wouldn't show on here.)

  • Hi

    i have the answer of your Question #1

    #1. How can i remove the tweet and facebookbuttons in the fullsize picture

    and the answer is, here

    Remove the tweet and facebook like - buttons

    I am quite sure, it will be usefull for all of you.



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