Thumbnail slider disappear if more than 30 images in the gallery ?
  • Hello, I am designing my photography website with Pretty Photo and I am running through a problem perhaps someone could help me as I have very poor knowledge in script and coding. I have several galleries in my site and when one of them contains over 30 images not only the thumbnail slider from that gallery will disappear but the ones from remaining galleries ( even the one who contain less than 30 pics ! ) Can someone help me please, thanks.
  • I am facing the same issue as well. Could you please provide me an solution for it?
  • Look for overlay_gallery_max: 30, /* Maximum number of pictures in the overlay gallery */ in jquery.prettyphoto.js to change the # of images.
  • Thanks you so much robincham :) It is working now.
  • Hello robincham, thank you very much for the answer you really make my day ;)

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