prettyphot - next picture freezes
  • I am using cmsmadesimple CMS. Installed Gallery module and using prettyPhoto template.
    Created a gallery with 3 pictures. Last picture has 220 characters title/description. When clickin [next] on 2nd pic the browser (firefox) freezes (animation icon stops) and FF times out with unresponsive script after 8 seconds (script timeout configuration in FF about:config).

    IE9 - works
    FF 19 - sometimes works sometimes does not, FF 19 was reinstalled
    FF default profile - freeze
    FF default profile with all extensions/plugins disabled - freeze
    FF other profile with few extensions - OK
    FF fresh new profile - freeze
    FF safe-mode - OK

    WHen I remove description from 3 picture, then it works OK.

    I installed firebug extension and enter debug on script timeout, I am not an jquery expert, I noticed that call stack contained 1000 calls to _hideContent(), looks like some infinite recursion or something like that.

    I looked at jquery.prettyphoto.js (prettyfied) but I dont understand the jquery.

    the offending gallery is under

    What else can I do to troubleshoot that ?

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