PrettyGallery doesn't work - Need guidance please
  • I am having problems making prettygallery run. I call the script and I get nothing, nothing changed, not errors, nothing. Here's the code:

    $(".gallery ul").prettyGallery(
    itemsPerPage: 4,
    animationSpeed: 'normal', /* fast/normal/slow */
    navigation: 'top', /* top/bottom/both */
    of_label: ' of ', /* The content in the page "1 of 2" */
    previous_title_label: 'Previous page', /* The title of the previous link */
    next_title_label: 'Next page' /* The title of the next link */

    // took it from an example on this forum

    The generated html via ajax (I call the prettygallery function after inserting the HTML)

    In the head I have both the js file and css and the images in the appropriate folder.

    I run it but it doesn't change a thing. What am I doing wrong. I am using it on the latest Chrome browser. Thanks in advance.
  • It seems that prettygallery doesn't load when it has two items, when I put more it works, any comment on this

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