How to make your Prettyphoto Image Gallery from Flash as2
  • If you are reading this, its because you want to open a multi-image gallery from a flash content (i.e. a button).

    First, credits:

    This 2 "examples" gave me the general idea, but in some post (i cant find it now) the user,, "hit the nail" (dio en el clavo)

    1) Follow the <--- this tutorial explains how to call a simple image from within the flash content.<br />
    2) What we have to change????:
    ","my vimeo video");

    var imgs = new Array('img1.jpg','img2.jpg','img3.jpg','imgN.jpg');

    var desc = new Array(' ',' ',' ',' ');//this array are the descriptions, must have to be the same number as your images"$",imgs,'',desc);

    And thats it my firends, that its how we can open prettyphoto form flash AS2
  • Thanks for the little write up.

    I've sticked your message :)
  • Naaahh, Thank you for the nice just trying to help the comunity ^^
  • Hello there! I came across this board some time ago looking for the flash button to launch a pp gallery and I can't thank you enough for it.

    Right now I'm stuck on something similar, a sliding image gallery that launches the pp, but I've been unable to make it so that it sends you to the specific image you clicked on the thumbs.

    Here is a pic: image

    Those images are the thumbnails that cicle from side to side, there is an invisible button on top that launches the gallery. Now, can I assign a button to each pic so it sends you to that possition in the pp gallery? I'm just an average web designer and code isn't my strenght, is it even possible to make what I'm asking?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: forgot to add, I even tried giving 1 function to each image, with the array of variables "imgs" and "desc" starting witht the clicked image, but it won't really work since I can't go from the 1st to the last img hitting "previous".

    Well, my mental stamina is completely worn out <.<
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  • Work the deeplinking in this ?
  • rigeliux,

    After launching the gallery from flash there are now thumbnails of the pics as they are displayed when gallery is set in the html code...
    Any idea how to fix it?
  • It works great in Firefox and Chrome, but doesn't work in Internet Explorer... ;/ Why? Has anyone solved this?
  • hi ;) anyone know how open it from as3 ??
  • Socreative tutorial is no longer avaiable, somebody please re-post it. I would be thankful if you share the sources for as2.
  • dear team, i have used pretty photo for my project, but sometime, facebook like button & twitter follow doesn't appear,

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