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  • Nice app! Like it very much!

    I would like to adjust the JS file a bit so that I can add a copyright text (with a link for more information) underneath the image description. The text should be smaller than the description.

    How can I do this?
  • This app looks great. Does it work with Sitecore?
  • Are you able to set the positioning of the fullscreen image, rather than have it centered?

  • You are right
    I uploaded an example to:
    Thank you
  • Using the slideshow option in version3 of prettyPhoto one of the settings is for: overlay_gallery. If set to true on mouse-in the gallery appears in the first picture and disappears on mouse-out for the first picture - all as expected. However on transition to the next slide in auto-play the gallery re-appears to never disappear from then on. I think it should stay out of sight until the mouse enters the picture again.
  • seems your Search engine's a bit lost : not able to find posts with the word "flv" !?…
  • Does anyone know how to make prettophoto wordpress plugin work with
  • Thanks for fixing the "undefined" title issue. FYI, it doesn't seem to be included in the latest uncompressed version available on the home page.
  • Works great in IE but nothing else. Try it yourself at

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • To rewiz, your link not work in ie8!
  • in ie8 once you view one video, it carries over "#!prettyPhoto/0/" on the url so, when i go to next category, it loads PP automatically and start playing video.

    not sure why it adds the above part on the url after the page fully loads, until then the url seems fine. but as soon as the page is fully loaded it adds "#!prettyPhoto/0/" and video loads on the page.

    its on the local dev server so, unable to provide the link.

    Note: i have multiple product video links on same page.
  • I wasn't aware of this issue.

    I've just released a fix.

  • where can i find the fix? the version available for download looks same. thx for taking time to fix it.
  • gr8. thx. will post a link once taken live. just waiting for approval from client :)
  • Thanks for this. I'm finding this easy to work with but I'm having the same problem with the #!prettyPhoto/0/ being added to the URL. I am using version 3.1.2 - is there a more recent version that includes the fix you mentioned above? Thanks.
  • I'd love if the comments could be marked as "closed" or "fixed" to make running through the forum a little easier. - and feature requests as well!
  • PrettyPhot o V3 Bug .
    If you delete the image directory light_rounded and select light_square as the theme you will see to loading errors for loading.gif and btn_next. Looks like they are still using light_rounded theme. When you recreate the light_rounded directory the error disappears.

  • I was wondering if there was a way to have an image mouseover affect applied once your image pops up
  • Is PP still being developed? I know it's an annoying thing to hear, but I think fixing a few bugs will make this the best lightbox out there. Namely facebook button and resolving conflicts with other scripts.
  • Hi,i need some help. In the picture alone demo, i don't want the social things and the hyper link.For that what i have to do.

    I went to the jquery.prettyPhoto.js and comment the social tools.
    Its not showing that but it gets reloads the image itself for many times.
  • Hi to everyone!
    I`ve got a little problem: when i init some copyes of prettyPhoto, i can`t set different 'keyboard_shortcuts'..;(
    P.S.:ver.3.1.2 :)
  • Dear prettyPhoto:
    your demos look really great. However I am not a programmer, and would appreciate a bit of basic advice. I would like to change from the default style to the dark_square style listed in the style sheet but where do I designating a div with that class. I tried surrounding one of the galleries with a div tag in the demo html but it doesn't change the style of anything. Sorry for not being very smart at this. But any help would be appreciated.
  • Also. like krrish I would like to remove the social icons for facebook and twitter. How do we do that?
  • Hi Ignore my last two questions. I finally understand the customization information on your web site and got things to work the way I want. Thx!
  • Hi!

    First of all...GREAT PLUGIN!

    How can i put FB comments in below the Twitter & FB Like buttons?

    It would be great to have a stream of comments on every photo.

  • The apps looks great..will try out once for sure..
  • Hi, I'm using PrettyPhoto on my website,, and it works great when I test it locally. However when I try the link online (in both Chrome and Safari), it just takes me to the Vimeo website. I uploaded all of the same files and still no go. Is this something that anyone has encountered before?
  • Help please:
    Im really not into programming and im not shure if this is the right forum for my q, but here i go:

    I have a site that uses in a function, but i want to use prettyphotos iframe instead.. can someone please help me to "convert" this so it works with pf instead:

    function show_desc(row){
    if (recid[row]) ("product_info.php?products_id="+recid[row],'new', 'toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=Yes,resizable=no,copyhistory=yes');

    the head and body scripts are in place!

    Hoping, just hoping........for an early x-mas present.......

  • Hi, I like PrettyPhoto very much, but I am sorry to say I'm having a problem with it.

    After clicking on the link that opens the PrettyPhoto 'popup' , the url changes and #!prettyPhoto/0/ is added. Or #!prettyPhoto[iframes]/0/ is added.
    When the popup closes, the URL changes again in #!prettyPhoto. I don't want the visitors to see that and the backbutton doesn't work anymore.

    How can I change that?

    Best regards,
  • When I install the new plugin I receive the error message 'The plugin does not have a valid header.' I've followed all the info from your site and I've tried FTP uploading it but to no avail. I just can't activate this plugin. Please help!
  • hi,
    i have got a problem while using prettyPhoto. Actually my portal contains few html and one aspx page. when the code is deployed at server prettyPhoto stops working on IE8 although its wrking on other browsers and when i run the code locally(on my local machine without deploying it) it works for IE8 too.

    please help me out.

  • Hi everyone, I just signed up for membership on this site and I can't find where to post my issues. I currently am building a hobbyist website where we desperately need a photo gallery. I bought a program called WYSIWYG Web Builder - in which prettyPhoto is an option. However when I add the gallery into the website I made, it doesn't display as it should. The thumbnails come out wonderfully, but when you click them the picture opens up in a new window and not the pretty box it was intended to open up into. What am I missing? I'm really confused. The website is here: - The gallery is at the bottom of the page... Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  • this didn't come out as i wanted... this was the code.. :/
  • I have a problem with the API Gallery function. It works perfect in my local site, but once uploaded it says the image can't be loaded and I sould make sure the path is correct. This is the url: . Can anybody help me?
  • my problem: when i click on the thumbnail, photo opens as a new webpage. no scripting, no popup...nada.

    I've done this 3 times now. each time it's the same results. Pleeeeeeease help.
  • I cannot install the most recent version of Pretty Photo in Joomla 2.5.3. The error message is:

    JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file
  • Just a question - I'm having some trouble getting the code to work and I think this might be the issue.

    I have jquery 1.7.1.min already called .. so I don't think I need to call the jquery 1.6.1.min - could this create problems with the install?
  • Hi. Is there a way to force the open slideshow to always be at the front. I have some google maps I want to display that are iframe and they do not get faded out like the rest of the site when the slideshow opens. Really new to web building so please help
  • i have little trouble: next button and previous button not appear under the appeared picture. i think, that it must be appeared, when setCount(in the plugin code) value more than 1. but my script get 1 picture. my assumption is that there is the reason of my trouble. what i do wrong? also i think, that script needs in some option of plugin. . Thanks.
    i found answer.
  • I dont know if its my mistake, but im trying to use inline content in wordpress, but when I click the link, instead of displaying inline content, I get an error that says that the image is not available, any reason this could be happening? Thanks for the help :)
  • Hello I am new here the problem I am having is I used the dreamwever widget for Pretty Photo and it works when I preview it on my computer and in dreamwever but when I upload the gallery to my site I have been trying everything to get this to work it did the same thing with other photo gallery plugins what am I missing thank you and this is a link to the gallery where the problem is the thing i forgot to menchen was you click on the thumb nail and insted of light box poping up it just takes you to a new page with the larger Image on it what am I missing
  • I need to know how to translate the button next and previous to the Portuguese pretty photo has any chance?
  • I'm building a website for my wife and it's the largest one I've ever done. I've only got a handful under my belt. Well, I FOUND prettyPhoto in the code of a website I loved. I am using Word Press and downloaded and installed the plugin and it worked JUST FINE, until today. So it worked for almost a week and today, the images open and leave the website. :( Here is an example page:

    Another example is on the sidebar:

    By the way, way does it ADD the # to the end of the URL?

    I'm running prettyPhoto Media Version 1.4 with WordPress 3.4.2 and Theme Enterprise Child Theme with 39 Widgets on the Genesis framework. Does this help?

  • Hello,

    The plugin is working for my perfectly! Super happy with it. It saved me soo much time.
    BUT, my only complaint is that the YOUTUBE video isn't playing on mobile. Any idea how to fix that? thanks

    here is my site

    view it on the computer, then try on your iphone and you'll see the videos aren't playing. it actually freezes up the browser completely
  • franklozano, i have the same problem ( #... in the end of the URL)
    i used joomla 2.5 with own template
  • Is there a fix for the black overlay not filling the screen on iPad?
    You can see the issue when trying any of the demos on pretty photo site...

    When viewed from an iPad it has about an 80px gap with no black overlay on the right hand side - I guess there will be the same issue on iPhone too.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Dear Sir,

    I need to some help for your,i m using prettyphoto first can i disable scrolling for prettyphoto in my iframe.i hopr you reply me helping answer.


    click to stream one then you understand what i want.

    thanks sir
  • Hello,
    I like the software. I almost have it working but for some reason jquery script is not working. Please examine the code on this page and see what I am doing wrong. I just dont see anything wrong. This is my test page.

    Thanks for your help!
  • This is a lovely application! Would it be possible to embed a 'Send Email' option/button along with Tweet and Like in the prettyPhoto image Gallery? Could you please send me cost of developing the same? Please email me on [email protected].

    Many thanks,

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