calling prettyPhoto(gallery) from Flash AS 3.0
  • Can any one help with this. I have tried without success I was able to display one image but nt the gallery (taking my clue from "". I tried using the API but just could not get it working. Any clue will be appreciated.

  • I'm stuck too... the site says it can be done using the API, but I didn't really understand

    Are you supposed to set up arrays in flash?
  • Hi there,

    The javascript expect an array so yes it should be setup in flash.

    My flash skills are limited so I cannot help you much on that but I'm sure some here can.
  • Exciting news! I found a solution to launching a gallery from flash! I'm not sure it is the best way, but it seems to work just as I needed. Start by following the steps here: Once you get that far there are just a couple minor things to do differently.

    1. Change the name of your rel attribute from rel="prettyPhoto" to something like rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]

    So now your empty anchor tag looks like this:
    < a id="prettyLink" href="" title="" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]">< /a>

    2. For each additional image you want in your gallery add another anchor tag like above, but include the image path like so:
    < a id="prettyLink" href="yourImage.jpg" title="" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]">< /a>

    3. Change your prettyPhoto javascript initialization to include your new rel tag, which is prettyPhoto[gallery1]. It should look like this:


    That's it! Like I said, this may not be the perfect way to do it, but as far as I can tell it works! If anyone discovers a better way (like using arrays maybe?) please say so!

  • Thank you! I've been looking for this!! :)

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