INK not working
  • I just installed INK on a production site and there are two issues.

    If set to default setting of 'off', I can copy and paste text, but the site name/url is not included with the copied text.

    If setting is to 'on' for notice, when attempting to paste text, nothing is pasted.

    Have tried in both IE8 and Firefox 3.x on Windows7.

    Really would like to use INK. Have tried Tynt, but don't like the code added to each page url and their stats are lacking.
  • Is it possible to have a demo site so I can see it?

    Is INK working fine for you on my demo page included with the script?

    Thanks :)
  • No, when I 'paste' nothing appears. I do see the INK notification when I copy text.

  • And where do you paste?

    You need to paste in something with a text editor, like an email client or a chat window.

  • Today's update lets me paste into a text box/email, etc. But, the link to the content does not appear.
  • Is it possible to get access to the page where you have it installed?

    It'll help me find the problem.


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