How to modify the font size and color of the title.
  • Hi, I am new to Prettyphoto. I have succeeded to implement the code in my web page and it works very well. The only problem is that I would like to modify the font of the title, as well as it size and color. I would also like to put the title on two lines. I plan to use it to show pictures of art paintings, and I want to show the title of the artwork on one line and its actual size on a second line.

    Thank you for your help
  • Hi michel,

    If you use firefox, load the inspector while you lightbox is open. It will identify the css classes associated with title/description. It's an invaluable tool. My scenario is different, but locate .pp_description, .pp_details and .pp_title (this should be the one you need to edit). As this response is 3 weeks late, you've no doubt moved on.

  • Hi Chris,
    As I work very slowly, your comments are still useful.

    I would like also to get rid of the link to Facebook and Twitter. I do not need them.

    Do you have a hint on how to do it?

    Thank you again,
  • you can edit that in /js/prettyphoto.js

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