hidden gallery arrows
  • I am building a site for an artist and her target market are not the most computer savvy people. The arrows on the gallery images to go from slide to slide are becoming a problem. People don't know to hover over the right or left of the image to switch slides.

    Could someone give me information on how to make those arrows visible always or to make the hover area

    Thank you, kindly!
  • Hi there,

    You simply have to go in the CSS and replace the background images.

    Look for a.pp_next:hover, take the background property and replace the a.pp_next background property.

    Should fix it.
  • I am having the same problem. I looked for the property a.pp_next:hover and I do not see it in the css anwhere. Is it in the jquery by any chance?
  • Hi,
    look for "div.theme_name pp_next:hover" followed by a path to the image-file containing the arrow... It is in the "prettyPhoto.css" file!
  • Never mind!

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