Vimeo links not working
  • They used to work and just recently they stopped. Here is the code:

    Did vimeo update something? I'm running 2.5.6
  • Having the same issue with my Vimeo links. You suddenly get the error message 'Sorry, this video doesn't exist.'

    There's an open thread on the Vimeo forums -

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Yes, that thread over at Vimeo is reaching a deafening silence.

    Vimeo staff are in a united front that "whatever it's doing, it's altering our code in a way it shouldn't be". Hmm, disconcerting.

    I think many people are noticing when adding anything to Vimeo url (?width=720&height=405) etc etc, this is returning the error we are all seeing. If we remove anything after the Vimeo ID number, it will work - except it doesn't. All ability to predetermine lightbox window size is gone. Also, the Full Screen scaleability is removed. So, it alot of ways, this isn't ideal.

    All signs point to a change on Vimeo's end as the reason. This change in brilliantly timed with their new html5 iframe embed. A welcome addition to the arsenal, however not 100% suitable for those of us affected by this glitch.

    Any thoughts from anyone on how to fix this?
  • This is what I've posted on the Vimeo thread referenced above about how I got this working again:

    I seem to have fixed my problem. If you are using prettyPhoto to create a lightbox mechanism for viewing a playlist of a few videos from Vimeo here is what worked for me:

    OLD Code:


    NEW code:


    This gives you the ability to predetermine the lightbox window to your desired ratio. It defaults to no fullscreen access, but Ive been able to add it:


    The API used by prettyPhoto does something weird to whatever Vimeo changed when introducing their new HTML5 iframe embed code structure (guessing wildly).

    This works for now. It will be great to have confirmation from Vimeo staff if this is likely to stay the same so everyone can get fixing.

    Clients seeing errors is unprofessional = Understatement of the century.
  • Thanks so much! That fix worked :)
  • I am not getting any thing at all to work. I am getting either this link does not exist or the vimeo box to come up with sorry this video does not exist. Where am I going wrong?

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