adding link in prettyPhoto 'title'
  • I'm not sure how to add a clickable link into the 'title' field? I'm using a pretty standard markup:

    I'm trying to use this plugin on my portfolio site and would like to be able to provide a link an external site from the prettyPhoto box to show further examples of the work... being primarily a print designer, I'm relatively new to js/jquery so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • I want to know this too
  • That would very helpful to know.
  • I know I've seen this somewhere. Unfortunately, I cant' remember where.

    You have to use code replacement for characters.
  • I found a solution for this ... see:

    The only problem with my solution is that it won't pass w3c validation,
    because "link" is not a valid attribute for .

  • Miseim's solution doesn't seem to work for me - any other solutions?
  • Anyone got it working well? I really need my title description to be clickable in the enlarge view.

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