Thumbnail autogeneration & Image preloading?
  • Hi all, I was wondering if I must manually create thumbnails of my images or if this plugin could scale/shrink (thumbnail-ize) my full size images. I would prefer not to have to maintain and link to two sets of images, though I understand in the end it's probably much more efficient.

    Another question: If this plugin can scale the full-size image down to a thumbnail, then it would seem that it needs to download all the images in their full-size before thumbing them. Does anyone know if that is indeed how this plugin behaves? If so I will probably bite the bullet and write a little script to create thumbs.

    If the script cannot scale full-size images, then I suppose it only downloads/preloads the thumbs and then renders the image referenced by the tag without having to preload it... is this correct?

    BTW, awesome plugin so far :)
  • Hi there,

    1) Basically for the thumbnails in the overlay gallery, I take the fullscreen image and scale it down. You do not have to resize them manually.

    2) Yes that means it loads all the images when you open prettyPhoto.

    Hopo that helps

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