Starting out with Pretty Photo
  • Hi, I am fairly new to web design. I understand basic html, css, forms, and use dreamweaver as well. I want to create a website for an artist that has a gallery with thumbnails that you can click on and enlarge to view. It seems that JQuery and Pretty Photo/Gallery seem appropriate. Is there anywhere I can view simple directions for how to start using it?? And do I download the developer or the production version?
    Hope someone can help. Please excuse my simple mind!
  • The documentation page on this site is probably about as simple as it gets. You might check out some w3c school tutorials, or google for tutorials on using javascript frameworks. Once acquainted with jQuery and doing simple webby things with it, you could move on to using the prettyPhoto plugin.

    There are about 8 lines of code which include the required javascript and then initialize the photo gallery. Just remember that the includes should go in the section and the initialization needs to be inside a tag (which should probably also be in the head section though it should work anyway).

    Also, get the Production version, as it represents the latest 'stable' version. The Developer version may have some nice new features, but they won't have been as thoroughly tested, and thus you may get unexpected errors.
  • Thanks for providing support kasapo :)

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