use prettyPhoto in html maps
  • unfortunately not possible, or am I wrong?

  • nighthawk96.

    I am trying myself use image maps with prettyPhoto.
    I manage to use the following in one page but now I am in a new one and I am getting an error.
    But here is my approach:

    And images1, titles and descriptions1 are arrays as follows: (after the prettyPhoto inizialization


    'alebrije en papel maché',
    'caballos en bronce'

    'suzana byo',
    'marko jaxo'

    Hope this helps
  • NOTICE: Has to be prettyPhoto

    not prettyphoto
  • Would it be possible to have a simpler code for a single image ?

    And this ???

    window.onload=function() {
    var ar = document.getElementsByTagName("area");
    for(var i=0,l=ar.length;i
  • little up !!!

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