Submit of php var to iframe of Prettyphoto
  • Hi,

    I search to submit a php var (idprod) to an iframe of prettyPhoto.
    But if I put this php var in link of lightbox (detail.php?iframe=true&idprod=3), I can't receive it from $_GET['idprod']. It seems like lightbox eats the rest of url.(after the "?")

    ps : "Lightbox" displays title of my link (which is idprod), but I don't know how I can to recover it.

    Thank you for your help
    (and sorry for my bad english)
  • Ok, I found it.
    My idprod should just be before "iframe" in the url of link of lightbox.
    like that :

    and now I can receive idprod from $_GET['idprod']

    Thanks me ;)

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