PrettyPhoto only works on the first photo on my page
  • On this page I have made it so you can zoom in on the book covers by clicking on the title of the book:

    I've used PrettyPhoto a ton of other times but not this version with the script:


    It only works on the first book and none of the others. I've tried putting that script at the bottom of the page and that doesn't work either. Any help you can provide would be appreciated as I really do love your plugin but I'm going to have to use another one if I can't get this sorted out soon.


    *hoping I made a stupid error*
  • This is interfering with the JS window interface.

    Comment it out or delete it and it works.

    Also it looks like you customized the prettyPhoto include Script you have displayed above.....whether you use the default script (which works just fine on your page) or you use the custom one you already have - it needs to go to the very bottom of the page - after ALL of the content - BEFORE the closing and Tags. The 'prettyPhoto' documentation mentions this.

    Several other things that can potentially cause problems:
    - Placement of code - which order something goes in can affact display results.
    - SPRY (from Adobe) and JQUERY do not always mix well together - so be careful when combining the 2.
  • Thanks so much for your help! I'll have to go check this out when I get home tonight.

    I may have to nix Spry in favor of some sort of JQuery validation plug-in since I'm getting better at JQuery these days. Spry was just really easy at the time. I'm going to have to see what I'm using that JQuery Validate plug-in for. Thanks so much!

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