Single Thumb Image Opens Full Gallery
  • Hi
    I have PrettyPhoto working fine for a single thumb to single image, and multiple thumbs to open a corresponding gallery, but what I desperately also need is for a single thumb to open a full gallery, but only display one thumb as the placeholder. Can any one spread light on this please?
  • Hi
    Thanks for the direction on API, which I thought might be the case but I don't follow the setup. Say I currently have x3 images like so :-

    a title="Image 1" rel="prettyPhoto[classic]" href="image_1_full.jpg" img title="title" src="image_1_thumb.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /
    a title="Image 2" rel="prettyPhoto[classic]" href="image_2_full.jpg" img title="title" src="image_2_thumb.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /
    a title="Image 3" rel="prettyPhoto[classic]" href="image_3_full.jpg" img title="title" src="image_3_thumb.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /

    How do I use the API so that image 1 calls all three as described above?

    So I have x3 images with titles, the name of my gallery is 'classic' and I will also be showing more than 1 gallery in this format on page.

    Also is the API PHP or Javascript? (it doesn't specify enclosing characters)

    Looking forward to your response.

    Many Thanks


    Note: to get the code to show I had to invalidate it by removing the '<' and '>' tags
  • Hi
    Just in case anyone was wondering about this I worked out a way that is really simple that doesn't require the API.

    Simply put the images you don't want to show as thumbnails in a div with display:none. With the rel link prettyPhoto[your_gallery] prettyPhoto does all the hard work and finds the images associated with that gallery

  • Thanks, Glennyboy.

    I was just wondering if this was possible.
  • Thanks Glennyboy.. I tried it, and it worked, but for some reason when I put in 2 links its saying I have 4.. its weird?? Did you get this?

    Here is my code..

  • div class="work-link clearfix">
  • div class="work-link clearfix">

  • div class="work-link clearfix"
    a rel="wp-prettyPhoto[events]" href="
    !-- -->div style="display:none"
    a rel="wp-prettyPhoto[events]" href=""
  • I simply put width="0" height="0" for all the other thumbnails I don't want to be seen.
  • just don't include the thumbnail code, the thumbs shown within the main lightbox are taken from the fullsize images anyway...

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