Problems with layout and frames
  • Hy,

    I finished with initialization of prettySociable on my page and I found out that thumbnails of websites are not in same layout as on demo page. On my page they are in 3 lines in 3+3+2 order instead of correct 4+4 two lines. Also all thumbnails have an ugly looking red frame. Just like usual photo links have borders.

    I looked in all .css and also inspected the code of .js and couldn't found a solution for this.

    Please help! Anny suggestions?
  • Hi there,

    Possibly a conflict with prettySociable.css and one of your css.

    Can you provide a test link?

  • I guess this is only possible explanation...

    Anyhow, today I tested script and found out that although it's nice looking it's not really user friendly. Most of test subject didn't figured out how does it work... So I'm back to old plain FB share button.

    I thank you for fast response...
  • This is a little unrelated, and I know this posting is old, but I thought I'd provide some insight for anyone who stumbles upon this thread. This is just my case, but it may be related to yours as well. My images weren't showing up, and the formating was a little weird. First thing is to make sure you have the images uploaded to the server. I was using WordPress with a custom theme to create my website, so with WordPress everything needs to be linked a little bit differently. If you just do "images/prettySociable/large_icons/facebook.png" for example, it wouldn't work (as far as WordPress setups go) - But if you replace everything in your jquery.prettySociable.js script by searching all strings of "images/" and replacing with "" it should work, as long as you placed the images folder in your theme's directory.

    I hope this helps someone, it was a little frustrating at first, but once I found the solution it was a pretty simple thing to accomplish.

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