prettyPhoto 3.0b2 bug report
  • Please fill your bug reports here.

    Thanks :)
  • In FF, I cannot scroll while the lightbox is open. The lightbox auto centers my image when scrolling, then does not allow for scrolling up or down to view the picture. he image stays centered and what is not in the center view is cut off. Please help.
  • Hi there,

    I can scroll just fine on this page:

    Can you provide me with the link where it is broken?

  • Google chrome on XP introduces vertical and horizontal scroll bars when prettyphoto opens up. Chrome on OSX is fine.

    ***Correction the issue is my end*** Please ignore the above


  • I have an issue with the scroll also. When my images open i can still scroll the main body of my content which cuts off the top and bottom of my PrettyPhoto box. i just inserted two commands in your script that seemed to fix this issue with me.

    //hide the Window Scroll Bar

    //Show the Window Scroll Bar
  • Hi there,

    I won't implement this fix because if you use the scroll wheel on your mouse you can still scroll. Hiding the scrollbar but still allow the scroll is quite unusable.

    I might implement it if I ever find a reliable solution to completely disable the scroll.

  • Hello,
    It's possible to fix width and height automatically? So the image doesn't appear big?
    i mean autoScale
  • Hi,
    i have an issue with slideshows when showing a single picture :
    when autoplay_slideshow = true, prettyPhoto will loop on loading the picture.
    this occures only on the first call of prettyPhoto on a page…
  • second issue :
    the slideshow doesn't stop when clicking on an item on the inline gallery
    - as i understand it should, on line 733 :

    return false;
  • Hi,

    I'm still seeing a bug around the loader gif not showing. I know it exists on the page because it is there if I remove its display:none using Firebug, but it does not show when it should. I see this in both 3.0b and 2.5.6 (which, looking at the changelog, should have fixed this).

  • same problem of spidflinch, the slideshow start well the first time, when press the stop key and restart from another thumb the slideshow not start.
    The problem is in your gallery demo too on your site, only first time start slideshow.
  • i have correct the bug (i suppose) about slideshow run only the first time.
    in close.prettyphoto function (file jquery.prettyphoto.js) i have added the instruction :
    pp_slideshow=undefined; before the last line (delete settings;)
    in this way if you stop the slideshow and after start again the slideshow work fine.
  • @faufer : thanx, seems to work !

    still an issue - maybe more an improvement than a bug fix - :
    if the slideshow has been stopped, all actions (prev, next, thumbs,...), except the nav buttons of the inline gallery, make the slideshow start again.
    would be great if not !… ;)
  • @faufer : a new issue appears then !
    when single images and slideshows on the same page, a slideshow opened JUST AFTER a single image won't play, despite settings.slideshow and settings.autoplay_slideshow are true…

    - oops : comes from a boolean i added to stop the slideshow (cf previous post) !…
    sorry ;)
  • I have 4 photos of the same size and title in a gallery. When I click one of them, PrettyPhoto appears correctly.

    When I click NEXT or PREV, the whole window goes down cca. 25 pixels (not resizing) when showing the new photo. It is the same in slideshow mode. It doesn't do it again (even if the slideshow reaches the first image again) and it doesn't matter which of the four photos I started PrettyPhoto.

    Actually I have several galleries each with 4 photos (all in a gallery have the same title) and the behaviour is the same in every gallery.

    Sorry, I can't show you an example (yet), because my site is in development stage.
  • I'm having the same issue as hellsing. This behavior affects Chrome+Firefox, not sure about others.

    I believe it's related to calculating the size of the entire box incorrectly not accounting for the size of the text at the top on initialization, and then correcting itself on the second photo.

    Here's a site I'm developing right now that shows the issue:
  • 0. Thank you for the script.

    1. IE7 XP SP2- works like a charm, except no upper arrows and 'expand' in [gallery] looks wired.
    (how to take it out, if no need?)

    2. The rest of them -ff3.6.12, safari502,chrom7.0.517 - are
    presenting amazing stuff.
    Bottom nav. arrows [gallery1] show:
    So I can't go beyond 3/6. All browser except IE7.

    3.Vimeo no problem at all - great.

    Thank you.

    I could be doing something wrong very easy.

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