Issue with next arrow causing page reload
  • USING VERSION: 2.5.6

    I love your gallery and I am using, but tweaked the jquery plugin in a couple of spots.

    Firstly there is an issue with the code in method:_checkPosition()

    The unbind for the next arrows does remove the click event, however this allows browsers to go to default behavior for onclick event, where when the href="#" will cause an onload in some browsers. So you need to bind an onclick event that returns false to override default behavior.

    I changed 2 lines of code from:
    $pp_pic_holder.find('a.pp_arrow_next').addClass('disabled').unbind('click'); //line 428
    $pp_pic_holder.find('a.pp_arrow_previous').addClass('disabled').unbind('click'); //line 440


    $pp_pic_holder.find('a.pp_arrow_next').addClass('disabled').unbind('click').bind('click',function(){return false;}); //line 428
    $pp_pic_holder.find('a.pp_arrow_previous').addClass('disabled').unbind('click').bind('click',function(){return false;}); //line 440 cannot by default run the jquery "prettyPhoto" extension more than 1 time...I load some ajax and wanted the ability to run this after specific areas of the page had loaded. To fix this, just need to comment out line 85.

    //$pp_pic_holder, $ppt, $pp_overlay, //removed because otherwise cannot run multiple scripts

    Truthfully not sure why this makes it all work, but it did. Just tried it as the error I was getting involved the $ppt variable.

    Otherwise great script....thanks a bunch for the great work.

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