• Apple is the company that really does not require an introduction since this is the company that is already admired all over the world for the development of the world best products in the form of the the apple phones, laptops etc. So this is the company that deals in the manufacturing of the various products and when some company deals in the production of the device then that company also needs to take care of the services that are needed for the proper working of that device.

    So in case you are using any of the device of the apple then while you first time you try to use it you will be asked to first of all set an apple live account for your device that will be a common account for all the service of your device.

    And creating this account is not that tough as it just include the registration process where you need to enter an email address and password of your choice.And this account also include the entering of some security questions and in case you forget those questions then you need to reset those questions and to do so you need to do as written below:-
    first of all you need to visit the link that says
    then you need to just enter your apple live email ID
    after that tap continue, and then opt for the way to reset the security questions
    then enter your password and then again tap continue
    after that go through the two step verification
    and then just choose the new security questions for your account and then click on save button.

    In case of any technical issue in the mid of these steps call on apple tech support number.

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