How do I change my Facebook profile to Timeline?
  • A face book timeline is the merging of the profile and the wall page of the individual user. It has been designed in such a way that it will display to the other users, the story of your life and the events that revolve around you in a reverse chronological manner that is the most recent events of your life are shown at the top and the past events appear while you scroll downwards. A face book timeline can in fact be said to be a combination of a scrapbook and a visual blog.
    On your timeline, everything that you share or post on Face book is displayed. By everything, it is meant that your statuses, your “about me” profile, your pictures among other memories that you would have posted or other have posted of you shall be on display for other users to see.
    If you are one of those users that have not yet gotten a face book timeline update, you can easily change over to it. However please be warned that once you upgrade over to the timeline feature, you cannot undo it. It shall become permanent. If you wish to change your face book profile to timeline, simply follow the steps mentioned below:-
    • There would be a face book timeline announcement webpage. Search for it on Google and click on it to visit that webpage.
    • Once that webpage opens, scroll down over to the bottom of the page and search for a green button that says “Get Timeline”. Click on it and your face book profile shall be changed to the Timeline.
    However if you are unable to change it or face any problem, please call the facebook customer service number ( to get the tech support to assist you.

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