• Hotmail is the most competitive and fastest growing web based email service provider in the world. Within a short span of its launch it capitalised on the market share of other rival email service provider. Its exciting features like free storage limit, and add free user-interface made it an instant hit among users across the globe.

    Hotmail was launched by Microsoft and with its launch Microsoft forayed into internet industry with a promising start. Emails and social networking sites are now important tools to connect and communicate distantly, the use of emails and applications on iPhone and android supported devises is far outreaching for its efficiency, and instant connecting pro-technology devises are making business and communication faster like never before.

    But there are technical error that have been reported by users of android, seeking technical help from our Hotmail technical support team. As a third party technical support team we provide technical solution to Hotmail related technical problem. Our experienced and trained technocrats are available 24*7 to resolve any technical problem that limits the use of technology and interrupt in the accessibility of communication and browsing

    Most usual technical problem and most rare one are from recovery of Hotmail password to Hotmail android setting IMAP.Now more number of user are getting access to technology with a devise like android supported phone. There are users who incur error in changing Hotmail android setting IMAP, to access Hotmail on their android phone.

    Pop and IMAP servers allow one to download emails from Hotmail server onto the devises. For users who find it difficult to sync their mail to android devises can configure Hotmail IMAP setting following these steps:

    Incoming IMAP Server

    Server name: imap-mail.outlook.com

    Port: 993

    Encrypted connection: SSL

    User name: full Hotmail email address@hotmail.com

    Password: Hotmail Account password

    Hotmail Technical Support

    Users often find solution available online as incomplete, inconvenient and time consuming. To overcome the technical limitation our Hotmail technical support team is trained rigorously for months to be able to resolve any technical bug within minutes of reporting to us.Moreover,our services are fast, reliable and 100% satisfied one.

    Our technician makes sure that every technical problem related to Hotmail either it is changing settings of IMAP Hotmail on android or networking related problem, it is resolved within minutes. They follow three step process before resolving any technical error that includes: assessment, assimilation and solution.

    We gradually make changes to our services that befit our customers from the feedback we get.

    Hotmail Technical Support Number

    ΓΌ For Hotmail related technical problem or changing settings of IMAP Hotmail on android call on our TOLL FREE Hotmail Technical Support Number 1-844-750-6844.

    (" http://www.instantcustomercare.com/hotmail-customer-service " )

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