Couldn't view the large image with prettyphoto
  • Hi guys,

    I'm using the prettyphoto. Really it is very amazing also I'm recommending for you all.
    I just want to share about how to fix the problem with prettyphoto on large size images such as 1000X1000.

    you can find this following code at jquery.prettyphoto.js


    It is for set the top position of an image when scroll the window. It is changing dynamically.
    You just remove the code or change the code as your desire to you can solve the problem with view the large image.
  • This is great! Solves my problem of the auto centering. the ONLY thing is - when it opens the lightbox on some images, it opens it to where the image isnt showing - you must scroll up to see the image. Is there a specific code to make it open up with the image in view???

  • Hey guys! hope anyone could help me in this issue. I have the prettyphoto gallery slideshow and it works fine until i uploaded through FTP. It shows the thumbs, but when i click to enlarge it says incorrect path. make sure the path is correct. knowing that only one image out of two galleries would enlarge the image.
  • any help is really appreciated!!

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