Gallery fails when image source contains an apostrophe character
  • All,

    I was just having a problem with the prettyPhoto gallery feature. The original image was something like:

    <img src="sam's birthday party.jpg">

    so when this image was getting inserted into the mini gallery it was showing a broken link because of the image source getting set like

    <img src='sam's birthday party.jpg>

    I downloaded the source code and changed the code where the data gets injected into the gallery. I though someone else might be able to save themselves some headache with this:
    Line 770 in jquery.prettyphoto.js

    toInject += "<li class='"+classname+"'><a href='#'><img src='" + img_src.replace(/'/g, ''') + "' width='50' alt='' /></a></li>";

    Notice the replacement of the single quote with the entity reference.
    Hope this helps someone or something like this makes it into the product.

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