Repositioning Overlay for Youtube Video - Not Centered
  • Hello,

    When my prettyphoto embedded video size is set at 850x420 it is centered - However, I want the video size to be 1280x720 - When I change the size of the video to a larger size it is now OFF CENTER.

    How can I move the position of the video/overlay on the screen?

    I need to change the X Y coordinates somehow. I have three hours messing with it and no luck. - Thanks
  • Looks like the prettyPhoto library is set to reposition the popup if a scrolling event occurs.

    If you are running jQuery 1.7, you could add in some code:

    $(window).on("resize", function() {
    }, 200)

    Which would trigger prettyPhoto's repositioning logic when scrolling, but when the window is resized.

    I think I will be using that to recenter the video when a user switches between landscape and portrait. Seems to work for me using version 3.1.3

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