Using rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]" with theme
  • Hi,

    I'm using


    to popup an iframe and it works great - thanks!

    But how can I extend this to use a theme? Or do I need to use php?

  • Hi everyone ... I need to do the same ... putting some 'rel=wp-prettyPhoto' in my template code ... to load iframes directly from the search.php page ...

    Is there anyway webmaster please ?
    PrettyPhoto is so cool and youre plugin too ... need to use it !!! :o)
  • Im a testing something but I got a problem :

    I created a new page whith my line :


    Then Im including this page's content in my search.php file with

    apply_filters('the_content', $mypost->post_content);

    My page's content gets included but prettyphoto does not work ....

    Any idea ?

    Maybe I must use another function instead of 'apply_filters' ?

    Thanks ...
  • Just a note ...
    I'm using the wordpress plugin 'wp-prettyPhoto'
  • Up someone ?
  • Your question is not about wp-prettyphoto, so I'm not sure why you think you should ask here. Try the forums for WordPress support or the PHP Manual or the WordPress Codex.

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