Firefox Duplicates Images
  • I'm using the following code which I have 7 more like that except the unit1.gif is incremented +1 (example unit2.gif, unit3.gif...) when viewing in IE it works perfectly fine the gallery is showing (1/8) when I use firefox it shows (1/16) it is duplicating the images. Any help on this.

    Unit A-1 Studio
  • Link to site

    the table under floor plans click one one of the units
  • Duplicate your page, and then try displaying one photo at a time instead of an array of them.
    So instead of: prettyPhoto[pp_gal]

    I'm curious if this is caused by the array or not.
    I've never seen that happen before.

    Then, give us a link to your test page whether
    it duplicates or not.

    Also with Firefox, your font size is different than IE,
    but that's not related to your problem.
  • Hi,

    I've tried what you suggested but it still duplicates the images, I've reverted back to the old code.
  • I resolved it
  • Please tell us what the problem was ... it might help others.
  • Yes, please, what solved it?

    Although, my problem is slightly different. In FF (PC 3.5.10) it dupes the last photo. In other orders, it's a list of 5 but I'll get 6 in the lightbox. I was getting 2 extras but then did something to fix that. Sadly, I'm not sure what that was. Everything seems kosher in IE.

    That said, that's odd is that I'm using pP on a "live concept" page with no issues ( but on this site (, it's doin' the dupe. I can't pin point where the glitch is.
  • mine having some problem as well...anyone can help fix??.....mine only work perfectly in IE7..FF and chrome showing dups as well..

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