Would like to change how the CLOSE button/function works
  • Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make the CLOSE button function differently. Let me give you some background on what I'm attempting to do.
    I host an internet radio show, http://www.thejonnyoshow.com
    The show is broadcast using something called www.ubroadcast.com. Now UBroadcast streams your broadcast, audio, video and a chat room in a flash movie. UBroadcast has given their users the ability to embed their show into their webpages. Now the only problem with the embed is that you can see and listen, but cannot log in to join the chat. UBroadcast's work around was to give the listener a link to open the UBroadcast site in another window, there they log in, then Close that window, then RELOAD the initial window, which would be my site. When they logged in, it dropped a session ID cookie and the reload is to have the initial window see the cookie and wala you are in the chat room!

    Now thats a lot to ask anyone to do to listen to an internet radio show. so here is what I have done to try to make it easier. I am using pretty photo to open an iframe and load content. the content is the UBroadcast login page. Once the person has logged into the content on the iframe, I would like them to be able to close the iframe and simultaneously reload the parent window.
    Currently, they close the iframe and then have to click on a reload button I have added to the parent to make the reloading a bit easier for the novice computer user. But this is still a pain in the ass, pardon my french.

    if there was a way to make that close button either reload, or goto a url _self , which really is just a refresh/reload, this woould make things a bit easier for me and my listeners. In the long run hopefully UBroadcast will offer an api to do this, but for now this is what I have come up with. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance and if your interested, listen to the show! LIVE Sunday Nights 6pm pst - 8pm cst

    and as always, internet explorer users 7.x and below must have 3rd party cookies enabled, yet another problem! Doh!


    jonny O

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