Facebook Like Button Issue
  • I'm having a weird problem on this page www.vivopositivo.it/media/foto/guarda-chi-sorride-over-18-e-famiglie/ with the like button. I'm using PrettyPhoto to include the pictures from Flickr and open them in a lightbox. Each picture has it's own like button which shows in the lightbox and uses a specific URL such as:


    where the number in #prettyPhoto[pp_gal]/1/ is the key for the specific image.

    This works for most of the images, but for some of them it doesn't! They seem to get the like counter of the page instead, therefore, I get about 10 images which show the same 128 like counter which is obviously wrong (ie image n.2). This seems completely random..

    Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

    Cheers, Andrea

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