Feature request: Preselection of a page/picture
  • Hi :)

    First of all, thank you for your work and your great result - the prettyGallery!
    Now to my problem: I want to include the prettyGallery to my webgallery but there is a problem and I can't find an answere :(
    I look for an opportunity to preselect the starting page when I load the webpage. It always starts at the first page.
    Does anyone know a way how I can preselect a page or a picture when the webpage loads.

    Have a nice day (or good night) ;)

    Greetings from germany
  • Hi Sturmi,

    I had this issue as well so I made a few amends to the JS to add in this functionality.

    If you take a look at the code used in the following site http://www.eslightingdesign.co.uk/js/jquery.prettyGallery.js

    You will notice an extra setting called current page. which is set via


    Now I did change a few other bits so it worked for that client, so it might not be completely what you wanted. But might point you in the right direction.


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