How do I setup an Image Gallery and/or Slideshow?
  • Hello there,

    I've just come across PrettyPhoto (love it, BTW) and I'm trying to setup a gallery and/or slideshow (within WordPress)...but cannot figure out (for the life of me) why it fails to work. I'm okay as far as getting it work with a single image...however I'm totally lost when trying to set it up for a gallery.

    I guess I've never created a gallery before, and therefore I'm not exactly sure what "gallery name" means, in the following sentence (which is taken from the 2nd demo, at

    >> 2. “Add the rel attribute “prettyPhoto” to it and add your gallery name in square brakets (rel=”prettyPhoto“).”

    Is there something missing at the end of the sentence above i.e. a gallery name in square brackets doesn't seem to be displayed?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Some help would be great, I have the same problem. If I set the gallery name like this:


    ...then PrettyPhoto doesn't start. What's wrog?

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