Possible to use prettyPhoto within innerHTML?
  • I have this code
    text = document.getElementById(\"packageText\");
    image = document.getElementById(\"packageImage\");

    if (index == 1) {
    image.innerHTML = '<a href=\"largePackageImage\" rel=\"prettyPhoto\"><img src=\"ThunbPackageImage\" alt=\"\"/></a>';
    text.innerHTML = \"<p>Text that gets changed</p>\";

    ...etc etc

    I am extreme novice when it comes to this as this is my first ever website. The effect that I am trying to achieve is to enable the Text and Image inside an area (index 1)to change when I select different buttons (5 buttons in total, this works fine with no issues). However, the image that changes is just a thumbnail, or link, to a larger image that I want to appear in a lightbox (prettyphoto). From the code I have, when I click on the image all it does is open up in a new window, displaying the larger copy.

    Note this code is located inside
    <script type=\"text/javascript\"></script>
    and so is not part of the Body.

    I could well just being stupid, I don't know so please have mercy, and a solution if possible.

    Thanks, Repus89

    EDIT: Just to confirm, I do have prettyPhoto working on the website under a different section, so I know it is set up correctly
  • I don't suppose anyone has a solution to this problem?

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