Doesn't work with IE8
  • Hello,

    I have tried prettyGallery with ie8 (compatibility mode too) and jquery 1.3.2 and 1.4.2 and it doesn't work.
    prettyGallery doesn't work on with ie8

    With jquery.js 1.3.2 i have the error at line 12 char 12949 and whith jquery.js 1.4.2 i have the error at line 16 char 165

    Do you have any idea of this problem ?

    All works good with firefox and Chrome

    Thanks for your help
  • I have the same issue in IE8 as well...

    ACTUALLY fixed it. It was a problem with a different plugin! Wish I could delete this, but I can't :-)
  • Up.
    Have the same problem with IE. It just dont see the script.
    How did you fix it? o_O
  • It does not work in IE8... It throws up a jQuery error... I am using jQuery 1.4.4 with no other plugins.

    The page loads but then all the images disappear. The only thing showing up is the page indicator "< 1 of 5 >"

    I was having a TON of problems getting jQuery Tools overlay to function properly so I dumped it for prettyPhoto and prettyGallery.

    Hopefully somebody has a solution for IE8. I'm sad to see that this thread is more than 6 months old without a comment from the developer.

    EDIT #1

    To the developer:

    The prettyGallery demo page at the URL below is NOT working in Internet Explorer 8. It's giving a jQuery 1.4.2 error.
  • for jquery.js 1.4.2, on line 116, search for this "f[[[b]]]=d;return f[[[b]]]},css" and use this "{if(d!="NaNpx") f[[[b]]]=d;}" to replace "f[[[b]]]=d;"

    I got it working with jQuery 1.4.2. Hope this could help you.

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