Theming: How does placing buttons and sprite.jpg work
  • Hi there,

    I just started using prettyPhoto and I really like it.
    I am currently working on integrating the layout into my site and I also changed some of the css-values but I did not yet fugure out how buttons are "placed".
    What I would love to do is use the Buttons of the facbook theme in the light_square theme (because the facbook buttons don't have any english words on it).

    All images clearly come from the sprite.png (of the theme) and all buttons are applied (to divs) via the background property.
    However I am not sure how different sizes of the buttons are handled. Sometimes a width and height is explicitly given, but often it is not.
    Are there any standards, e.g. all visual element do have this and that size, or standards about how they have to be placed in the sprite.png (margins)?
    Why does it not happen, that we could see more than button from the sprite.png when we assign it to an div?
    And what role plays the .disabled class?

    Ok I know this are a lot of questions, but I am happy if you could help me out with any of them :-)
    Thanks for your work, Regards mumrel

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