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  • Hello. I'm working to a Horizontal Website and on the 3d section of my site (so is around 3800 px cause every section is 1900 px) i've created an image gallery with prettyphoto. Now, the script work perfectly but when i opne the image the script open them on the first section of the site ( so he start from the beginning ) ! Of course i want the image opening in the same position of the image gallery. There's a way to fix that ? please
  • d'oh! I'm having the exact same issue... horizontal site, prettyPhoto works but like cyberlink87 says the image opens over the first section of the site instead of where the actual gallery is.

    anyone have any suggestions?
  • hey cyberlink87, i never found a solution using prettyPhoto, but I have ColorBox a try and it seems to be working great! No issues like you described above and it seems to have just about the same functionality as prettyPhoto.

    Check it out if you're interested in an alternative solution
  • Alright, i've managed to pinpoint the problem. I've only tested it in ff 3.6.3 so far...

    in your css files entitled prettyphoto.css at the very bottom line add:

    div.light_rounded, div.dark_rounded, div.facebook, div.light_square, div.dark_square{
    position: fixed;

    I haven't found how to extend the semi-transparent black yet to cover the entire width of the site, maybe someone could provide some insight?
  • found it lol..

    I added div.pp_overlay

    here's the css:

    div.light_rounded, div.dark_rounded, div.facebook, div.light_square, div.dark_square, div.pp_overlay{
    position: fixed;
  • Adding both bits of Vincent's CSS worked for me.


    There may be some issue with the title text but I'll report back if it's something which isn't very easily fixable

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