Opening a separate gallery for each individual image?
  • The goal: I want to include 3 images on a page and have each individual image open a separate gallery of images. Can someone please explain to me how this can be done? I am new to jQuery and prettyPhoto, so any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Every example that I have seen includes thumbnails of every image within a gallery on the main page. Instead of cluttering up my page with thumbnails of every image in each of the three galleries, I just want to click on one image to open a gallery of images. In this case, three images, three different galleries.

    Thank you in advance.
  • I too am interested in this. Hopefully someone can shed some light.
  • Found out how!
  • Thanks for providing a link to the solution bbruemmer. It works well and I greatly appreciate it.
  • This link is dead... what was the solution :) i'd love to know!

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