Resize: False Large Image Chopped / Not Scrolling
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    Live Example: (click the thumbnail to view prettyphoto)

    I have large images as portfolio pieces and when they are displayed full size in pretty photo initially they work just fine and are aligned with the top of the viewport.

    When I scroll up or down, the image centers and the top and bottom are chopped off by the limits of the viewport and they do not scroll with the rest of the page (these parts are hidden).

    Is it possible to modify prettyphoto to allow the top and bottom of the image to be seen when the user scrolls up and down rather than locking it in the center and chopping these portions?

    Thanks in advance, and please let me know if you need any more information.
  • Did you get this working at all? I am having a similar problem. I would like the content of the box to re-position with the width of the browser, but would like the content in the box to come up by default at the top of the browser and be able to scroll down the content, if the browser is to small.

    So jackt to get this working.
  • Currently no luck @ChrisPine ... any help is much appreciated here from any and all.
  • bumpity bump.... can anyone help with this problem or recommend an alternative solution?
  • I'm looking for the same thing...basically, how it looks and functions when you press the resize button, except I want that to be the default.
  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if it's what you really want, but you can disable the auto-centering on scroll.
    If you use the gallery mode, your picture will resize automatically, and if you press the resize button, your picture will be shown in real size but will be auto-center (it is why you can't see the top and the bottom).

    I had the same problem and I found the post of charlietfl about IE7 and I modified a little his solution

    quote by charlietfl: (+ modification by Atlo)

    Customer didn't like auto-centering on scroll. Here's an added option in return:
    I added new default into settings

    allowScrollCentering: false

    modified scroll function:

    if( $':visible')) {
    $scrollPos = _getScroll(); _centerOverlay(); _resizeOverlay();
    }else{$scrollPos = _getScroll(); _centerOverlay(); _resizeOverlay(); }


    I just allow the auto-resize, no more, thank you charlietfl for his previous work :)

    I hope it will help you ;)


    P.S : sorry I my english is not correct :)
  • Thanks so much for this solution. Saved me alot of hassle. Especially useful for netbook size screens!

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