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  • Very nice work! Thank you for sharing all those great ideas with us! I was wondering if there is a way to integrate with other galleries or slideshows. For example I was trying to open AD Gallery in a lightbox through Ajax, but it wouldn't load correct. Is there a way to solve it?

  • PrettyPhoto 3.1.5 production version has a bug with show_title: false option on page with non-utf8 encoding.

    -- development version (near "$pp_pic_holder.fadeIn(function(){")
    // Set the title
    (settings.show_title && pp_titles[set_position] != "" && typeof pp_titles[set_position] != "undefined") ? $ppt.html(unescape(pp_titles[set_position])) : $ppt.html(' ');

    -- production version --
    settings.show_title&&pp_titles[set_position]!=""&&typeof pp_titles[set_position]!="undefined"?$ppt.html(unescape(pp_titles[set_position])):$ppt.html(" ")


    Changing " " to " " in production version fixes the bug.
  • There is a LOT of spam in the forum now, and it's burying the legitimate questions. Who is moderating, how can we remove the spam, and prevent it from happening? Thanks for your help!
  • Thanks so much for this it looks great!
    I am just trying to get to square 1 -- I've uplaoded the js & css files as needed and made a simple page copied exactly from the demo. The scripts are called in the head,; the script has been placed also just before the . For some reason it doesn't work ;-(
    here it is:
  • Hi,
    I ask a little help! I uploaded the site and # slide5, we used prettyPhoto ( - ( but the photos does not work ( Youtube links work (
    Localhost work perfectly. I checked the path of photo and is OK ( IDEX file seems OK ( and
    What is done?
    Thank you!
  • Truly amazing work.... very impressive. I am using this integrated with SmoothZoomPan; I could not have DREAMED up a better solution. (Displaying genealogy documents that folks need to see CLOSE UP.)
    Eliminating the 'rounding' pngs - I read somewhere here on the site that you (I believe) have some CSS that provides the rounding, but does NOT use the pngs - is that correct? I could not find a link for that css. (I probably could figure this out on my own, but if it is done..... (SMILE))
    THANKS AGAIN for this very, very wonderful plugin.
  • Hi Scaron:

    The prettyPhoto is not working on my site. Can you tell me how to make it work?
    I inserted one prettyPhoto in my first gallery image(App), but it doesn't work. See below:


    Qi's Recipes

    Designed responsive user interface for an app project.

  • firts of all thanks for this great plugin.its working great for me. but i have just one problem that on mobile screen it doesn't get responsive though in other screen size its working perfectly.can you plzz tell me what to do for this?
  • great plugin but just want to know that how can we remove the #prettyPhoto[landscaping]/0/ from the url i m using version 3.1.4
  • show_title not working : CORRECTION

    In jquery.prettyPhoto.js (Not compressed V3.1.5)

    Add on line 214 : "settings.show_title &&"

    if(settings.show_title && typeof pp_descriptions[set_position] != 'undefined' && pp_descriptions[set_position] != "")


    YouTube open in SEPARATE window.

    I work in DreamweaverCS6, everything looks good, when I test locally - YouTube open in light-box.
    But when I open real page online (window8) YouTube open in SEPARATE window and without light-box, just full YouTube page.
    Please, HELP!
  • I have some Iframe links on same page as API slideshow Galleries. Trouble is, my Iframe links I only want to open and stay the same until closed, but they are jumping from one Iframe link to the other in about the same time limit as the API slideshows. I also notice the three Iframe links on your sample index page that came with PrettyPhoto, also does the same thing. How do I stop that for the Iframe links only?
  • JW Player is the most commonly used video player and nobody has ANY lightbox support for it. Not even JW Player. What an oversight. Can you please show how to integrate it into prettyphoto? That would be a lifesaver to MANY people. :-)
  • How can I hire you for work? Thanks
  • Nice script. But I have a suggestion for the developer.

    in the definition of $, after the line
    settings = pp_settings;

    add this line:
    if (arguments[4]) jQuery.extend(settings, arguments[4]);

    This allows changing the plugin settings when using the API.
  • Hello, thanks for the work, how to add a link to download the image and buttons
  • found answers to your forum, it turned out, thanks again.
  • Hi.

    I would like to know how do i take off the click on image to make bigger?

    Im using it for a client and she does not want it to open in another window?

    I just want a plain image in it without having to click on it to make bigger to see.

    Can any one help me with this please?
    Were in the coding can i take this out please :-)

    Would be much appreciated.

  • Hi can anyone please help me with how to take off the click on image to view in bigger window please? I just need to know where in the coding to go look for it. The prettyphoto is imbedded in a template i got and my client does not want the click on window to make image bigger. thank you xxx

    it should work but it doesnt.... any idea why? thanks in advance!!

    EDIT: comment can be deleted, everything is fine :)
  • Please if anyone can guide me how to reszie the window of pretty window dynamically
  • Hi, i want to use the script in Shopware, german E-Commerce System.

    All scripts are loaded correctly, i also put the code


    in ,
    but the link of my youtube video is always loading in a new page, jumps to

    Are there any ideas what i can do?

    Thanx a lot guys,
  • I have dealer locator that is set up using PrettyPhoto. I am trying to disable the three buttons in the lower left hand corner. I have tried to use this code to do that, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I am using the wrong code. Can you please help me?


    Here is a link to the only page I have with this code right now. You will need to click one of the dealer locator buttons to see it.

  • Loaded an image gallary with the following code:

    Image Link to Issue:

    However, when the mouse goes over the image and the thumbnails appear on the bottom no image shows (only the image placeholder, which is a see thru square with an image icon), but when I click the image to jump to the main view within the slideshow the image shows...Possible to help solve the problem? Is there a problem with jpg images displaying?

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