Thumbs width using max-width in CSS
  • Hello Everyone from BsAs!
    prettyPhoto Version: 3.1.4

    I was fighting for a while with this issue.
    Finally i find a solution to it.

    Problem: When using CSS
    img, video, object {max-width: 100%;}
    img, video, object {width: 100%;}
    The thumb image went full original image width.

    In jquery.prettyPhoto.jsw: < a href='#'>< img src='"+img_src+"' width='50' alt='' />< /a>

    Solution. I change this last code to:
    < a href='#' style='width:50px;'>< img src='"+img_src+"' width='50' alt='' />< /a>

    Hope it Helps!

    (Carefull, y broke the html tags)

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