Some (but not all) of the PrettyPhoto styling missing (and other things)
  • Sorry, this is a re-ask - I had posted the question in the wrong forum, and was afraid it wouldn't get seen.

    I have installed Lightbox, and it's working for the most part, but something's broken. You can see the example at (little image at the bottom of the main section).

    I have a title set via alt="", but it's not showing. Also not showing is the pretty thumbnail style, nor the style around the larger image.

    I also need to loose the TWEET button, please!

    I'm very lost on how to fix this...



    - I've checked the installation (pulled all scripts forward into Root, within their folder structures - had it originally all placed in Lightbox folder for cleanup, but couldn't make it work that way).

    - Checked the links in header (by all appearances look correct)

    - Checked the footer script (again, correct, with an added Theme parameter)

    - Cleared the cache (no change)

    - Using Chrome
  • I have fixed the missing issues (I hadn't realized that the PrettyPhoto file in images was needed until just now).

    Also removed the social media.

    However, on the general page view, there is no style on my thumbnail at all. And is there a way to remove the PrettyPhoto URL once the picture has been closed out? How do I fix?

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