PrettyGallery Overlay load too slowly.
  • Hi guys, I've a loading problem with prettygallery.
    The code I use for it it's the following:

    div class="element neutro tavoli item da-thumbs" data-category="images">
    div class="post">
    a href="images/Galleria/Neutro/TAVOLI/file3.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[tavoli]" title="Tavolo">
    img src="images/Galleria/Neutro/TAVOLI/file3thumb.jpg" alt=" Neutro " />
    span class="image-hover-icon">
    h3 class="entry-title">Tavoli [42]

    I've cut off the initial < to make not loading html on that discussion.

    My page has many photo and thumbnail are all optimized. I see the overlay:" " loading only after that all thumbnail are loaded. It need about 1 minute to load all. In this minute, if I click on a photo, it open only the .jpg file in the browser, whitout loading the prettygallery pop up.
    Also when I load the page, for the first time, I see all photos in only one column, then after 30 seconds, I see them on 4 column like it shoud be.
    How can I see immediately the 4 column layout and the overlay ?
    I was thinking to the lazy load or to an asyncon loading, but i try something and it seems not to work. Can you help me?
    Thank you!
  • no one can help me?

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