Increase default pop-size for videos
  • My Wordpress theme uses the prettyPhoto gallery, but the default video pop-up size is 425x344.

    I'd like to increase the default size, but the Wordpress theme doesn't support this and I can't seem to find where this is set in the prettyPhoto source code. I tried adding the default width and height commands to my header, but it had no effect:

    theme: 'light_rounded', /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */
    allow_resize: true,
    default_width: 800,
    default_height: 736,

    Any tips on how I can change this?

    The page in question is:

  • Chris,
    Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm usually better at checking the forums.
    If you look at your prettyPhoto source code, you'll see that you're using an older version 2.5.4, we're currently on 3.1.5.
    2.5.4 did not support the width and height options, so they simple do not work when passed.
    Try upgrading the JS, CSS and images that prettyPhoto uses, and your above code should work.

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