prettyPhoto Setup
  • I've been looking for something simple like prettyPhoto to use on my website to show single images and several galleries of images. I think I must be missing something in the setup. I have no prior experience in working directly with js and of course jsquery is totally new for me as well. I've been making simple sites with html & css for about 8 years. But now I need to bring my sites more up to date. I just don't really understand what the entire setup for prettyPhoto consists of. I have the 3 statements in the head area. One calls for prettyPhoto.css, but I haven't found anything like that in the instructions. If that represents the location for the page css link relation, I can rename my existing page css. I have the jquery.prettyPhoto.js in the same directory where the page is located that will use it - no js folder. prettyPhoto doesn't seem to be working. When I click on the single image, it just opens the photo in a new page - as normal. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  • Look like your JS file is not loading.

    If you take the following line:

    The "src" attribute specify the location of the javascript file to load. In your case you say it's at the same level as the HTML file loading it. Your script call should be the following:

    Hope it helps.

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