Targetting to "a img.size-thumbnail", not the rel?
  • Hey,

    I'm trying to target prettyPhoto to open all my thumbnails on wp based site. But I can't do that. prettyPhoto works grate if I target it to the rel="prettyphoto".

    Am I doing it right? The image looks like this: a img .alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-85.

    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    $j("a img.size-thumbnail").prettyPhoto({
    animationSpeed: 'fast', /* fast/slow/normal */
    padding: 20, /* padding for each side of the picture */
    opacity: 0.8, /* Value betwee 0 and 1 */
    showTitle: false, /* true/false */
    counter_separator_label: '/', /* The separator for the gallery counter 1 "of" 2 */
    theme: 'light_square', /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */
    callback: function(){}

    Thanks for help :)
  • What happens if you target $j("a img.size-thumbnail").parent().prettyPhoto... ?

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