hideflash: true -- Does NOT work when Flash is fullscreen
  • Anyone know how to fix this???

    I'm calling the Pretty Photo API from a link in an XML file, whose contents (text and graphics) are displayed in a window within Flash. That much is working (though only if the link is all-text. for some reason, XML won't let you wrap an image with an anchor and call a JS function!).

    However, my Flash has a button that lets the user go to fullscreen mode, allowing Flash to take over the screen. Unfortunately, any Pretty Photo window that gets launched after that, gets hidden under the Flash window.

    Setting hideflash: true does NOT work in this instance. It's a focus issue but I'm at a loss on how to get around it.

    As an aside, I'd love to contribute $$$ to Pretty Photo but from what I can see in this forum, the author never drops in to help anyone.


    While a seperate issue, with regards to calling the API, this works:

    click me

    This does not:

    The linking issue has to do with embedding fonts, but that can't be avoided. Anyone know how to remedy either of these issue?


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