wp-prettyPhoto image hides behind theme
  • I have fixed the autoplay issue on WP 2.9, but having another problem. The box opens, but the image or video plays BEHIND the lightbox. When you close the box, you briefly see the image. With Flash or Video files, you can hear them playing, but no visuals. All images and files are correctly sized and all links are correct. I even copied code from the plugin site to make sure. Any help would be much appreciated. I posted on the autoplay page before I saw the support forum, sorry.
  • Hi,

    look for z-index in your themes css maybe theres one thats causing the problem just guessing.

    best regards
  • I am having the same issue...
    Pretty Photo is not working on my site? basically you described the same problem I'm having...
    Any clues on how to resolve this?
    here is a page w/ glitch for reference: http://embodiedbeing.com/blog/?page_id=816
  • You have to edit your main css file. Or, you can use the same page for css, and the prettyphoto properties can be on the top. It can fix your problems.

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