Missing close button on modal overlay. Image loading in wrong position.
  • I've got prettyPhoto implemented as part of an image gallery plugin. When the overlay displays, the close button is missing, and the title appears above the image rather than below it. I've got a quick video showing the issue:


    Also, not seen in this video, because it's happening to quickly, is that while the loading image displays correctly in the middle of the screen, the displayed image in the bottom right corner of the screen as shown in the screencap below.


    Does anyone have any idea why either of these are happening, and how I might go about fixing them? I can provide whatever code you might need to inspect, but the functional page is behind a firewall.
  • Does anyone ever answer these posts? My image displays outside of the box. There are numerous posts about this, but no assistance.... oh well =(
  • yup, I'm beginning to think there won't ever be an answer to this.

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